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The #1 talent marketplace for OnlyFans models and other spicy content creators
Talent marketplace for OnlyFans models and other spicy content creators
Earn Cash

Earn Cash

Make money by helping people to create new content

Hire a Performer

Hire a Performer

Need to hire an exotic collab partner? Find one here!

Collab for Free

Collab for Free

Collab for free with models who want to collab with you

OnlyFans Collabs

Find OnlyFans collab partners or other fan-site performers for your next big project idea. Whether you are creating original content, need to promote your channel to a wider audience, or looking for a model for an appearance at an event, you can find the right person at CollabDates.

Are you a popular model or influencer? Earn money by collabing with other people. Make paid posts, appear at events, or star in other creators' videos.

Or, simply meet like-minded people and collab for free. Do cross-promotions, create spicy content together, and more. At CollabDates, the possibilities are truly endless!

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Who Can Use Collab Dates?

Anyone! If you are a social media, a fan-site, or a tube-site model, you can use CollabDates to supplement your income by collabing with other people.

If you are not a star, but want to collab with an exotic performer, you can use CollabDates to hire a collab partner for your next NSFW project idea.

Interested in finding a partner for a free collab? No problem! Browse the talent pool to find performers who want to collab for free.

Our Events

There's no better way to find a collab partner and to blow off some steam than to attend a spicy creators mixer party! Our Creators Bash in Miami was a great success. Join our social media channels to get notified of the next collab event

Creators Bash

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a collab?

A collab (short for "collaboration") is an act of doing something together. In the entertainment industry, a collab often means creating content with another person. The participants may choose to collab for free or one collaber can pay the other to make the collab worthwhile for her (or him).

What types of collabs can I do?

The types of collabs you can do are only limited by your imagination and the willingness of your collab partner.* It can be as simple as a post on social media or an appearance at an event, starring in a film, and more. Just make sure to be specific and discuss all the details with your collab partner.

Are the collabs virtual or in person?

This will depend on the type of your collab. If you arranged to perform an activity that can be done remotely, such as a promotional post, your collab can be virtual. If you agreed to create content together, such as a video or an appearance at an event, you will need to meet in person.

Where should a collab take place?

For an in-person collab, you and your OnlyFans collab partner should agree on where you would like to collab. It can be your or your partner's home, a hotel, or any other location. We recommend to always meet in a public place first.

I'm not a professional model. Can I still collab?

Of course. Many of our users do not consider themselves "professional" actors or content creators. Some have an OnlyFans or another fan or tube website account to supplement their income from a regular job or while in school, and some do it for fun or to explore a new career path.

How do you protect my privacy?

Our Terms of Use have a very strict confidentiality policy. The users are not allowed to disclose publicly the real name of the person with whom they collabed. You are encouraged to use a stage name. In addition, we keep all model and client data on our servers secured with the latest technologies.

Do you have users in my geographical area?

We accept members worldwide. However, if your collab is in person, and you selected a partner who lives far away, you may have to travel to meet with your collab partner or arrange for your partner to travel to you.

* The participants must be of the age of consent. Other restrictions may apply. See the Terms of Use for details.

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