Lucifer Elijah LaMórt

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Gender Man
Gender Straight
Age 29 years old
Location Bournemouth, United Kingdom
I have alot of experience in film and I've always been one to make home content. I hoping to find a business minded women who wants to do this to invest in a future. It's strictly a business relationship. I can even direct content too and help you film in ways more likely to bring repeated people back. I've spent a good 2 years researching before making this choice. I am a tall handsome. redhead with a driven personality and I good eye for being very creative. If this is the kind of relationship your seeking where it's about money and future for a couple years of content now. Seems like a short investment. I'm also just as good in the sack as I am for cinema work. I see alot or content that could be made.miles better with some better light and two angles.